HFA Reach Your PEAK in Louisville, KY
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HFA is excited to announce a returning program for 2019 –
Reach Your PEAK (Plan, Education, Advocacy, Knowledge) Workshop!

The purpose of Reach Your PEAK is to provide teens diagnosed with a bleeding disorder and their parents, information and tools to begin the process of transitioning to independent, functional adults who are able to manage their disorder, advocate for and support themselves. Transitioning is a team effort and must include the patient, parents, and professionals. Reach Your PEAK will provide these teens and caregivers an opportunity to come together in a two-day workshop to learn from a variety of peers and professionals about the importance of future planning and the steps necessary for success. Attendees will begin the process of planning, goal setting and creating timelines for their future as confident, independent and successful adults.

Who Can Attend?

HFA has capacity for 10 high school age teens living with bleeding disorders and 10 parents/caregivers (20 total individuals representing 10 families). Only one parent per teen will be allowed to attend. Applications will be accepted until we reach capacity.
HFA’s PEAK workshop is only for*:
  • High School-aged Teens (10th Grade – 19 Years Old), Diagnosed with a bleeding disorder: Entering 10th grade - entering their first year of post-secondary education.
  • His/Her Parent/Caregiver.
*Must not have attended PEAK in 2018.
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