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Attendance at ESTO is limited to destination marketing professionals from urban, regional and state tourism organizations; invited speakers and panelists; and a limited number of sponsor representatives. There are no press registrations.

Are you employed by an Agency of Record for a state tourism office or DMO? Your state/DMO client must submit an agency representative application on your behalf, which must be approved in advance by the ESTO General Manager. Any unapproved agency representative's registration will not be considered confirmed until the state tourism office or CVB/DMO’s completed application is received and approved. Review the eligibility guidelines and confirm that your client has received approval before attempting to register.

NOTE: We have reached capacity and have activated the Wait List for Attendees. To submit your request to be added to the Wait List, click the blue Next button in the lower right corner. Do not type in the text box below unless you have selected the sponsor option.

Sponsors: be sure to enter your organization's sponsor code before clicking the Next button.
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Content like past webinars, attendee contact information and certain presentations are restricted. For access, contact [email protected]