If you are TCU college leaders and boards of trustees who plan to attend the AIHEC-ACCT GISS-TCU Institute on September 5th:
There is NO COST to board members/presidents to attend this important event due to a generous grant from the Lumina Foundation and UTTC will provide breakfast and lunch on September 5. Attendance at the GISS Institute ffrom 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM is mandatory in order to have the registration fee waved.  Participants must be legitimate leaders, executives or board members of a TCU. To register for the GISS, go to the ACCT website (www.ACCT.org) and put the following link into your browser: http://www.acct.org/article/giss-tribal-colleges-and-universities-tcu-40-north-dakota to get to the GISS registration page. If you have any questions on the GISS Institute, please call GISS at 202-775-6488 or 202-775-4458.

Online pre-registration for 2018 Tribal Leaders Summit is closed.