Risk Management Agency

Southeast and Northern Regional Outreach Conferences

"Risk Management Success Strategies for Small and Limited Resource Farmers and Ranchers"

You are cordially invited to participate in the Southeast Regional Outreach Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, November 8-9, and the Northern Regional Outreach Conference in Billings, Montana, November 15-16, 2005.

These events will provide a venue for public and private agricultural organizations, land grant universities, community based organizations, farmers, ranchers and other stakeholders to identify, develop and promote successful risk management strategies, that small and limited resource farmers and ranchers can utilize to remain economically viable in a rapidly changing agricultural environment.   

Leading specialists will focus on six primary areas of agricultural risk management: Financial, Legal, Production Marketing, Environmental, and Human Resources. They will discuss how risks can affect an operation, as well as introduce the availability of existing and emerging risk management tools and how to use them effectively.  Topics will also include alternative enterprises, organic farming, beginner Farm Loans, Niche Markets and other USDA programs. 

A limited amount of exhibit space will be available at each conference for exhibitors.  If you are interested in showcasing your exhibit, please call Karen Austin, Conference Coordinator at (301) 459-3777, ext. 127.  Or, you may request an Exhibit Order Form via e-mail ([email protected] or [email protected]).  Exhibit Order Forms must be submitted to Quality Support, Inc. on or before 5:00 p.m. EST, October 12, 2005.

Please join us in this collaborative effort to better serve and assist small and limited resource farmers and ranchers.  

Please select which conference you are interested: