Membership Type
 Life Membership (after 62 yrs old) $450.00
 Regular Membership - 3 Years $150.00
 Military (03 and below)/Govt (GS10 and below)-3 Years $135.00
 Regular Membership - 1 Year $55.00
 Military (03 and below)/Govt (GS10 and below) $50.00
 Young Leaders Membership (Under 35 Years of age) $40.00
 Retired Membership (Not gainfully employed) $40.00
 Student Membership $20.00
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Organization Type
 Association/Trade Group/Govt
 Car Rental
 Container Management
 Freight Forwarder/Express
 Household Goods Carrier/Relocation Services
 Industrial Traffic Management
 Lodging/Hospitality/Travel/Passenger Services
 Logistics/3PL/Supply Chain
 Port Authority
 RFID Tracking
 Young Leaders (35 years or younger)
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