Centrum für Vitalität und Prävention
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The Centrum für Vitalität und Prävention is a co- operation partner of the BCA clinic. Due to their daily work with lyme disease patients (training and nutritional counseling) they gained a lot of experience in the needs of the patients before, during and after the therapy. They offer a wide range of nutrition supplements that can help to increase the effectiveness of antibiotics, reduce inflammatory processes in the body, strengthen the immune system and compensate possible side effects of antibiotics. Shortly after the ILADS conference in Klagenfurt / Austria in 2012, they introduced their "Pluspoints herbal products", consisting the "TBB PLUS" (therapy), the "APP PLUS" (therapy), the "DTC PLUS" (detoxification) and the "PHYTO PLUS" (immune system). First tests in independent laboratories already confirmed the positive effect of the products!! A big scientific study, to verify these first results, is going to follow within the next months! Together with the BCA clinic in Augsburg they developed a therapy plan for the "Pluspoints herbal products" which is now very successfully used by doctors and clinics in Germany, Norway, Finland, Romania, Austria and Czech Republic!
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