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IAM 49th Annual Meeting in San Diego - Sept 12 - Sept 15, 2011

Enhancing Value, Advancing Opportunity

IAM GlobalMatch

Welcome to IAM GlobalMatch - The Online Appointment Tool of the 48th Annual Meeting!

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By registering for the 48th Annual Meeting, you undoubtedly aim to make new business contacts. But did you know you can arrive at the conference having meetings already set up ahead of time with targeted individuals from the organizations you wish to meet?  

This year, that is possible.  We are delighted to introduce IAM GlobalMatch, a targeted networking platform that allows attendees to schedule and conduct one-on-one meetings with other attendees from organizations you'd like to get to know.  IAM GlobalMatch makes it easier to turn business contacts into business relationships by connecting you one-on-one with industry leaders who can help you further your business goals through mutually beneficial relationships.

If you opt in, you will receive a personal "Home Page", from which, you can view your appointments (pending or set), search for attendees, or update your business profile. To setup meetings, simply click on the Search link and scan the industry category that is of interest. Click on a name to find out more about the attendee and use the "Request Appointment" feature to schedule a meeting. Your pending or set appointments show up on your Home Page. Once you've setup an appointment, you can send messages to the attendee you have scheduled until you finally meet in person.

What is
IAM GlobalMatch?
Designed specifically for the moving industry, the online
IAM GlobalMatch system uses state-of-the-art partnering software that enables you to:

Should you need assistance with IAM GlobalMatch, do not hesitate to contact the registration department at +1.202.624.1740 or via email at [email protected]