Attendance Policy

The Independent Show is an invitation only event.
NCTC and ACA Connects member companies, exhibitors, and other industry companies may only attend by invitation of NCTC, subject to the following:

…an invited NCTC or ACA Connects member company in good standing
…an NCTC or ACA Connects Board member
  • Member company employees (no limit of attendees).
  • Member company consultants, with NCTC’s prior approval and execution of Confidentiality Agreement and subject to the limitations described below.
  • Member company affiliates and parent corporations, with NCTC’s prior approval.
  • NCTC and ACA Connects Board members, including any outside directors.
…an invited exhibitor in good standing  (NCTC programmer, technology solutions supplier and service provider)
  • Technology Solutions supplier, service provider and programming company employees
  • Technology Solution distributors may also register up to two representatives from each manufacturer.  NCTC may limit the total number of representatives at its sole discretion.  All additional representatives must be registered in advance by the Exhibitor and receive NCTC’s approval prior to the conference.
…an invited financial company, broker, consulting, or management company in good standing
  • Employees of the qualifying company. Invited company may not extend invitations to any outside company or individual without NCTC’s and ACA Connects prior approval.
…not listed above
  • NCTC may invite other industry professionals, press, speakers, and presenters at NCTC’s sole discretion.
Note: Some sessions may be reserved solely for NCTC and/or ACA Connects members. Accordingly, NCTC and ACA Connects reserve the right to prohibit non-member attendees from attending all sessions.
General Information
  • All attendees must register with NCTC.
  • Invited NCTC or ACA Connects member companies may not extend invitations to any outside company or individual without NCTC’s and ACA Connects prior approval.
  • Any supplier, distributor, service provider or programmer not affiliated with NCTC, including those owned by NCTC or ACA Connects member companies may not attend.
  • Financial companies, brokers, consulting, or management companies must receive an invitation directly from NCTC or ACA Connects to attend.
  • Violations of this policy may lead to termination of the contract, revocation of an invitation and/or your company being barred from participating in future events.
Event Passes & Tickets

The Events Pass allows entrance to all breakfasts and evening events, but does not include attendance to any educational sessions. Individual tickets may be purchased for specific events
  • Spouses, children or other family members of registered attendees or exhibitors can attend specific events through the purchase of an Events Pass or Individual Tickets. 
  • The Events Pass and Individual Tickets are restricted to eligible attendees as defined by this policy.

For questions, please contact:
Lisa Miller, NCTC, Meeting Planner at [email protected] or 913-599-5900, ext. 1550 or Stacey Leech, ACA Connects, Senior Director of Meeting & Industry Affairs at [email protected] or 412-922-8300, ext. 15