Dawn: This was an amazing event. Kudos to everyone involved in the planning. Virtual events are really difficult to make engaging and fun, but you hit it out of the park!

Susan: Well done, staff, I know how hard all of you worked on this event. It’s not the same as being all together on the dance floor, but it was a wonderful evening out of the stacks...
Judy: Grazie, Serata Vituale e Fantastico
Diane: Tonight’s Evening in the Stacks was absolutely wonderful! I loved the food, the cooking experiences, dancing and the preparing of truffles! Grazie!
Mickey: Thank you, Tonya, to you and your staff for so creatively reimagining the potential of a virtual event. It was simply spectacular from start to finish.
Lauren: There's just nothing that the HCLS can't do. This was amazing. Kudos and thanks to all!
George: Remarkable evening!!! So well done!!! Thanks to all who worked so hard to make the evening possible!!!
Tom: Great event! Thank you to everyone who pulled this off. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing library system!
Kate: Great job by the HCLS staff! Thanks for a fun evening! John and I thought it was a wonderful event and we loved the goodies that were supplied in advance of the night. Thanks for all of your efforts.  I know how challenging fundraising virtually can be but you and your team did an amazing job.
Dan: Congratulations on hosting a wonderful Evening in the Stacks. The program was excellent and the technology cooperated, too. I especially enjoyed the selection of music. Thanks for sharing that. I am pleased that TBM was able to be a sponsor. Hopefully, we will get an opportunity to make a donation soon from the subscriptions that come in. 
Jay: Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your work on this event and to tell you how much we enjoyed it. Considering all of the Covid-related difficulties It was EXTREMELY well done and was the most fun Dona & I have had since the pandemic began. While it was not the same as 'being there' it was still amazing to meet new people, enjoy the food and wine, and all of the great presentations. This was our first "social" event in Howard County as we only moved here just over 2 years ago and lost all of last year to the pandemic, but we plan on attending every year moving forward hopefully in person next year, but virtual again if that's where we are at the time. I'm hoping by this time next year this will all be behind us.  
Tony & Rosemary: We were affected briefly by the technical difficulties, and that did not diminish the splendid evening that was put together for all of us. The meal was delicious and complete. The books will be interesting to read and the evening program was fun and captivating. Thank you again, for another fabulous, Evening in the Stacks, celebration. 
Bruce: I was amazed by how well Evening in the Stacks went on Saturday. You and your crew would be very successful in operating an events planning firm. You certainly earned a big “bravo“. Our library is incredible. Everything is always done so well. So much better than any organization of which I’ve been a part. By the way, I was not surprised by how well everything went. The Library staff does everything first class. The host was also terrific. We should sign her up for next year right away. And, of course, Tonya nailed her part. Congratulations on a magical night. You play a big part in the excellence of the Library and of the quality of life in our community. Thank you for all you do.  
Alan: Good evening! My wife Sandy and I want to thank you and your team for putting on an absolutely program. This year of being confined due to Covid has kept us from traveling and now that it seems to be winding down and hopefully, we will all have our vaccinations, we can start getting out again. The program reminded us of the joys and beauty of Italy and we will be going back ASAP. It was very obvious of the time and effort that was put in the planning and execution and the food. Thanks again. 

Marcy: "Great job last night!!! There was a glitch where 45 of us couldn’t get into the main event zoom roll after the Wonder cocktail party. She brought us all into a zoom help room, problem solved while keeping us abreast of the timeline for fixing the problem and was incredibly patient
They did a very nice job with the event to make it relevant to the virtual platform, rather than simply trying to recreate the in-person event. Super interesting talks by the authors and chefs.   
The food was very good; I was impressed. Would eat La Prima Catering again anytime.

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