How do I log in?
Check the email you used when you purchased your ticket for your individual link to the event. 

  How should I prepare for the event?
We will be using the Zoom Meeting platform for the event. Please be sure you have installed Zoom on your laptop or desktop for the best experience. Once you have signed on, please rename yourself so you can be recognized by the other attendees. Have your video and sound on. You will be muted upon entry and throughout the event.

Get into the groove with our playlist curated by Italian friends just for you! 
  What kind of computer should I use? 
Your experience will be affected by the device you are using to join the video call. Some operation systems do not support all of Zoom’s capabilities. We highly recommend that you use a PC or laptop. Experience may be compromised if you join using a Chromebook, SurfacePro, iPhone, iPad or other older devices for best attendee experience.

How will this work? Will I be seen? Can I talk to others? 

  • You have the option to turn on your camera and be seen.  

  • Viewing: Once the event begins, please choose Speaker View from the view options on the top right of your screen so you can see who is speaking, any videos or content shared. 

  • Chatting: Click on the chat button at the bottom of the window and the chat panel will open. Chat options include everyone, private and HCLS event hosts. We encourage you to participate in the group chat and live Q&A with our guest authors. Introduce yourselves and let your friends know you are online. 

  • Strike a pose in our online photo booth and post your photos before the event. 


What if I need help? 

  • Before 5 pm, visit our FAQs page or email [email protected].  

  • Beginning at 5 pm, please reach out to our Help Desk (clicking the link will open a zoom link) beginning at 5 pm.

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