The meeting’s main themes are: 1) The role of hormones and mechanical signals in organizing the plant body plan; 2) Molecular mechanisms that lead to asymmetry at the cell and organ level; 3) Pathways that mediate cellular specialization.  

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster discussion on:
  • Tissue Patterning
  • Developmental Plasticity
  • Cellular Response to Environment
  • Mechanisms in Cell Polarity
  • Cellular Specialization
  • Establishing and Elaborating Body Plan
  • Signaling and Crosstalk
  • Mediating Indeterminate Growth
  • Cell-Cell Communication
The conference covers eight sessions, 15 abstract presentations, a keynote session by R. Scott Poethig (University of Pennsylvania), a plenary session with two talks by Daniel Kierzkowski (University of Montreal) and Julia Santiago (University of Lausanne) plus four topic sessions with three talks. Poster presenters will give two-minute video presentations at the end of the conference. Additionally, a “Meet the Experts” session will be included to allow PIs to meet with postdocs, graduate students, and young faculty to offer advice about starting a lab, securing funding, broader outreach, and balancing research and teaching.


View the preliminary agenda here.