This conferences brings together the full breadth and diversity of gastrointestinal research including: 1) Host/microbial relationships; 2) Mucosal inflammation and immune response; 3) Gastrointestinal stem cell biology; 4) Developmental biology; 5) Cancer; 6) Nutrition and its impact on gut health; 7) Cellular plasticity and physiology; 8) The latest techniques to study gut biology and function.

Conference session will present the latest research and foster engaging discussions and collaborations on:
  • Interplay of nutrition, microbiome, and epithelial function
  • Gastrointestinal organ stem cells
  • Host-pathogen interactions in the GI system
  • Epithelial physiology
  • Improvements in complex GI cell culture models
  • Mucosal immunology
  • Gastrointestinal cancers
  • Cellular plasticity in the GI tract
There will be eight scientific session with 28 invited speakers, more than 20 abstract-selected short talks from trainees and early career investigators, two poster sessions, and two rapid-fire “ePoster” sessions to maximize the number of investigators who will present their work. Additionally, “Meet the Expert” sessions will introduce young researchers to established investigators who can contribute to their mentoring and career development, driving new collaborations and promoting synergy in the field.

One of the joys of this conference is the informal time spent with colleagues in an inspiring setting. We will bring a focus on self-care as a way to advance your science. Morning sessions with exercise (running, biking) or yoga/meditation followed by mentor/mentee breakfasts will provide opportunities for attendees to learn how to care for themselves to maximize productivity.



View the preliminary agenda here.