The meeting’s main themes are: 1) Examine novel molecular mechanisms in autoimmunity, auto-inflammation, and immune regulation specific to autoimmunity; 2) Investigate the recent advances in the genetic, epigenetic, metabolic, and environmental factors that contribute to autoimmune diseases; 3) Highlight emerging translational research and novel therapeutic approaches for treating autoimmune diseases.

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster discussion on:
  • Molecular mechanisms and systems biology in autoimmunity
  • Innate and auto-inflammatory mechanisms
  • Impact of the microbiome and environment on autoimmunity
  • Immune regulation in autoimmunity
  • Autoreactive T cells
  • B cells in autoimmunity
  • Clinical developments in the treatment of autoimmune disease
  • Novel and emerging treatments for autoimmunity
In addition to keynote lectures from Vijay Kuchroo, DVM, PhD (Harvard University) and Jane Buckner, MD (Benaroya Research Institute), the conference features seven sessions, each with four invited speakers and two short talks from abstracts. Two “Meet the Expert” events will be held during lunch sessions, allowing trainees to interact with the experts - academic faculty, industry scientists, journal editors, and government scientists (NIH) - in a small group format.


View the preliminary agenda for the conference.