The meeting’s main themes are: 1) Develop novel approaches for studying calcium signaling in cells; 2) Decipher the role of calcium signatures in health and disease; 3) Understand how membrane contact sites control cellular homeostasis.

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster discussion on:
  • Novel approaches for studying Ca2+ signaling in cells
  • Membrane contact sites - novel signaling hubs
  • Ca2+ influx pathways
  • Ca2+ and contraction
  • Molecular mechanisms of Ca2+channels and signaling proteins
  • Neuronal and glial Ca2+ signaling
  • Ca2+ signaling at the interface between ER and mitochondria or lysosomes

In addition to the closing keynote lecture by Richard Lewis, PhD (Stanford University), this conference will feature eight major sessions with 35 oral presentations, 15 short talks selected from submitted abstracts, and four poster sessions. All poster presenters will have an opportunity to give a two-minute "flash talk" prior to their poster.

In addition, one workshop, “How to Avoid Bias in Academia” and three career-development workshops – “Grant Writing,” “The Art of Publishing Your Science,” and “From Trainee to Faculty: Making the Jump” – will be offered. We welcome you to participate in lively discussions on these topics in a collegial atmosphere.