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Innovation & education in children services featured today! Check out sessions: 215, 248, 249, 251, 253, 254                       #KidsFirstConference2020

Think Tanks / Planning Sessions

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a positive strength-based questioning on past and present success to determine what is working so you can leverage that knowledge and wisdom despite challenges. AI works towards a shared vision by collaborating?to develop strategic innovation.

Come join us at 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM to brainstorm ways to transform education! Interact with other participants and work together and contribute to our collective genius as we co-create the future of your practice, the community, our educational system, organizations and beyond. On Tuesday we'll design How Might We... collaborate and innovate in putting Kids First.

On Monday select where you want to Envision & Co-Create:

  1. The future of an organization that supports putting Kids First in everything we do.
  2. A transformational future for the education system that puts Kids First in everything we do.
  3. Serving the whole child (Physically/ Cognitively/ Spiritually) with the school system so they may flourish and thrive.
  4. Infrastructure and policy that supports teachers so they may support Kids First in their classroom and beyond.
  5. Supporting families and the community in developing more resilience in times of change and isolation.
  6. Collaboration Room/Choose your topic.

On Tuesday select How Might We...

  1. Create a national movement that puts Kids First in everything we do?
  2. Transform the education system to put Kids First?
  3. Ensure equity and equal access to resources so students regardless of race, identity, or status can thrive?
  4. Serve the needs of the Whole Child (Physically, social-emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually)?
  5. Truly support the adults who care for and educate children?
  6. Deepen relationships within and among families and their communities?
  7. Create a culture of innovation within our school or organization?

Go to your your Unique Conference Portal link and select the 1:30 Think Tanks that resonates most with you.