AHCA Seminar header

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting in the upcoming 36th Annual AHCA Seminar & Expo.  Before proceeding to the floor map view, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following: 

Exhibit Pricing - All booths are 10’ x 10’
Linear Booths are $1200
Corner booths are an additional $150 per corner
A maximum of two booths may be reserved by any company.
As you view the floor map, the price for each booth appears as you hover over it. 
The total price, depending on what booth or booths you reserve, will be one of the following:
    One (1) linear booth:  $1200
    One (1) corner booth:  $1350
    Two (2) linear booths:  $2400
    Two (2) booths (composed of one linear + one corner):  $2550
    Two (2) booths (composed of 2 corners - double endcap):  $2700
Food/Beverage at Booth
Food/beverage will be permitted to be served in only the booths designated as such on the floor map. If you are interested in this option, please make sure you are reserving one of these designated booths. See prospectus for additional details. 
Once you select your booth(s) it will be held temporarily while you complete the payment process with a credit card.  Once payment is received the booth(s) is reserved.
This is a live reserve process where multiple companies online at the same moment may not see all information about other users reserving a booth simultaneously due to lag time completing the contract and payment. 
If you are concerned about exhibiting near competitors, we strongly advise you to return to the site later in the day and on subsequent days to check the updated floor map after you have reserved and paid for your booth.  If you find an issue with your location, contact us immediately. We will determine which company reserved their booth first, then if possible shift the second company to an available location of their choosing.  If you wait to contact us, we will give you the option to change your location instead.
AHCA Expo Management is not responsible for exhibitors being located near competitors.
Exhibitor Policies and Physical Distancing Guidelines
The first priority of the AHCA Seminar is to assure all participants of a safe and enjoyable event. It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company’s primary contact to see that all booth staff and their contractors have read the prospectus and are aware of and adhere to AHCA Expo Exhibitor Policies and physical distancing guidelines in effect for this meeting.


Updated June7, 2020