C4 Recovery Foundation's Call for Presentations Process

We encourage faculty to submit several different topics if that is an option. Often we find that one topic is more heavily represented and would have selected another option if available. If that is the case, the faculty need only provide the title, description and goals and objectives for any additional workshops.

Call for Presentations Acceptance
Presentations are accepted all during the year

All presentation submissions will be acknowledged via email upon receipt.

Review Period

The Planning Committee reviews the Proposals approximately nine months prior to the event. This allows time for any revisions and the lengthy submission process to apply for each of the CEs. If any reviewers have questions about the proposals, C4 staff will contact those who submitted them.

Review Guidelines

Sales pitches for products or services disguised as proposals will be eliminated.

Speaker Benefits

Speaker Obligations
If your presentation is selected you are required to:

Failure to meet these requirements may result in cancellation of your session or no further invitations to participate.

The Planning Committee reserves the right to:

Conference Theme
Any topic(s) in the addictions field are acceptable for consideration