Thank you for your interest in this year's Ad Astra Awards. The 2018 nomination and selection process is now closed. Winners will be announced at the Ad Astra Awards ceremony during the conference luncheon on September 12.
Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC) welcomes nominations for the 2018 Ad Astra Awards for Excellence in Housing and Community Development. The awards, presented annually at the Kansas Housing Conference, recognizes outstanding housing advocates whose contributions make a positive impact on Kansas communities. Nominations may be submitted for individuals and organizations. Self-nominations are allowed.

Nominations are accepted for the following categories:
Excellence in Housing Award 
This category recognizes an individual or organization for an exceptional effort in development, construction, management or advocacy.

Innovative Housing Award
This category honors achievement in the creation of affordable owner or rental housing, or community development programs featuring innovation in any of the following areas:  design, universal design, development, financing, construction, collaboration, management, energy conservation, accessibility, special needs, historic preservation and adaptive reuse, mixed-use, or mixed-income.
Preservation Award
This category honors achievement in rehabilitated property including preservation of housing with rental assistance and conversion of historic buildings to housing. 
New Housing Development Award
This category honors achievement in any type of new construction in the state.

Ad Astra Award recipients will be recognized during the Ad Astra Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, September 12th at the 2018 Kansas Housing Conference. The Kansas Housing Conference is being held at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Topeka, Kansas (1717 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka, Kansas 66612).  Each Ad Astra Award recipient receives up to four (4) complimentary meals for the Awards Luncheon.  

Additional meals may be purchased up to one week prior to the Awards Luncheon for $30.00 each.

  1. Complete all fields on the nomination form. Add additional pages (labeled clearly), if needed. 
  2. Attach any additional documentation supporting your nomination.  
  3. Submit up to ten (10) photographs in electronic format.
  4. The nomination form, additional pages and documentation (if applicable), and photographs should be submitted via email to:  [email protected]  If the file size exceeds the email service capacity, please send a message to that effect to [email protected] for an alternate submission arrangement.
Photographs must not be embedded within another document, nor via a hyperlink leading to a website.  Scanned photographs look best at 300 dpi resolution or greater.  Supporting documentation and photographs may include project renderings, construction documentation, residents or activities within the project, participants in a program, or key players in a policy issue.  All application documents and photographs must be submitted at the same time as the nomination form.

Nomination Deadline:  Friday, June 29, 2018 at 5:00 pm

Entry Guidelines:
  • Multiple nominations are encouraged!
  • A project or program may be nominated for multiple categories.
  • Eligible projects or programs must have started operations with the past three (3) years.
  • For housing development projects to be considered, construction must be completed and a Certificate of Occupancy issued before the Ad Astra Award nomination deadline.
Nominations will be review by a selection panel comprised of public and private-sector housing, development, policy, and service professionals. The panel is not obligated to make awards in all categories. Criteria to be considered:
  • Measurable benefits to affordable housing and community development in Kansas
  • The degree to which the project or program can be replicated.
  • How well the project or program responds to an identified problem or opportunity.
  • The extent to which community partners are involved in the development and operation of the project or program.