Brain Death Declaration: A Nursing Perspective


Margaret Seyffert, RN, Intensive Nursing Science Diploma, CPTC, CCTC, TPM
Travel Procurement Transplant Coordinator
Santa Barbara, CA

Margaret was born in South Africa and was a Critical Care nurse there for 26 years before emigrating to the US as a Procurement Transplant Coordinator. Her experience in SA was in trauma nursing, EMS and critical care. She moved into the specialty of Transplantation in 1995 heading up a heart and kidney transplant program as well as procurement and for the 5 years prior to immigrating she was a Regional Transplant Manager responsible for all transplant/procurement operations for ¼ of the country. She has worked in the US as a PTC for 10 years and has CCTC and CPTC certifications. Currently she works as a Critical Care ICU RN in Santa Barbara part time as well as a being Travel PTC for Dedicated Donor Call.