Keynote Addresses

Julia Bailey-Serres, University of California - Riverside
Water-wise responses in meristems of crops
David Jackson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
Plant development, what have we achieved, and what is it good for?
Root Development and Drought Stress
Philip Benfey, Duke University
Root architecture and drought stress
Christa Testerink, University of Amsterdam
Genetic components of root architecture remodeling in response to salt stress
Robert Sharp, University of Missouri
Physiological controls of maize nodal root growth under drought: a (re)heightened priority
Plant hormones and drought stress responses
Devin O’Connor, University of Cambridge
Auxin transport - a developmental integrator
Malcolm Bennett, University of Nottingham
Lateral root hydropatterning is dependent on SUMOylation of the ARF7 auxin response factor
Walid Sadok, University of Minnesota
Drought tolerance mediated by water-saving traits in wheat: an emerging role for root auxins
Shoot Development and Drought Stress
Julie E. Gray, University of Sheffield
Stomatal development and drought
Jennifer Fletcher, USDA Plant Gene Expression Center/University of California-Berkeley
Epigenetic regulation of plant development and stress response genes
Ramin Yadegari, University of Arizona
Gene regulatory networks of early maize endosperm – implications for drought response in young kernels.
Signaling systems and Drought Stress
Gloria K. Muday  Wake Forest University
Are flavonoids acting as antioxidants to control drought induced ROS signals?
David Salt, University of Nottingham
Ligand/receptor-based surveillance of cell wall diffusion-barrier integrity modulates water and solute transport.
Ron Mittler, University of North Texas
Can we use systemic signaling pathways to improve abiotic stress tolerance in plants?
Hydraulics: development and function of the water transport system
Christophe Maurel, INRA/CNRS Montpellier
Root hydraulics: a key trait in plant adaptation to stresses 
Niko Geldner, University of Lausanne
Endodermal passage cells - more than just bricks in a wall?
Maciej Zwieniecki, University of California - Davis
Role of xylem apoplast chemistry during xylem functionality recovery from drought stress
Lawren Sack, University of California – Los Angeles
New insights into leaf hydraulic design and its implications for the drought responses of species and landscapes
Heat Stress and Development
Isabel Bäuerle University of Potsdam
Epigenetic regulation of heat adaptation and integration with development
Osmotic regulation and its patterning
Elizabeth Haswell, Washington University
Stretching the Imagination: Mechanosensitive Ion Channels as Sensors of Osmotic Stress
Anna Amtmann, University of Glasgow
Root cell type specific responses to osmotic stress

**The full program will be available in late October**