Welcome to the 2nd Workshop on Plant Development & Drought Stress!


As the number of people on earth increases and as the climate changes, there is an urgent need to grow food plants with less water. Understanding how plants modulate their growth and development under drought will be critical to this effort. This conference brings together scientists studying plant developmental biology with scientists studying plant stress biology. Synergy across the two disciplines will improve our mechanistic understanding of how drought stress alters plant growth and development and, conversely, how intrinsic developmental programs modulate drought responses. Talks will be presented by invited speakers as well as by speakers chosen based on submitted abstracts. Junior investigators (graduate students, postdocs and assistant professors) are encouraged to apply for speaking slots.

The meeting will be held at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Asilomar State Beach, a beautiful and contemplative location on California’s west coast. Unscheduled time will be provided after lunch to allow for spontaneous and informal scientific conversations. 
For more information on Asilomar, please visit http://www.visitasilomar.com/discover/photos-videos/

To assure an informal atmosphere that allows for ample give and take between scientists the workshop will be limited to 125 attendees. Please apply early to ensure a spot at the meeting.


Travel grants are available for the workshop. Please complete the travel grant application within your registration by September 30th for full consideration. Questions? - email [email protected]

Meeting Flyer

A special THANK YOU to our Sponsors:

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•The Carnegie Institution for Science
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