ERLead Pricing

Mobile Lead Retrieval using QR Codes
Pricing for ERLead Mobile Lead Retrieval is simple. Exhibitors buy the app directly from EventRebels.
The price is $75.00 per booth.
However, you can mark up the price and make a commission on each sale! So if you marked up the price $50.00 and sold 50 units, you would make $2,500!
The QR codes that are scanned on the badges must be produced from our EROnline online registration system.
If you are using EROnline for this meeting, THERE ARE NO CHARGES TO YOU! In fact, you can make money using the commission structure described above.
If you are NOT using EventRebels registration, then we will need to import your attendee list into our system, where badges will be generated.
To cover our expenses of this additional setup, you will need to guarantee a minimum of $1,000 in sales.
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