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Promoting Literacy Through Research, Education and Advocacy Promoting Literacy Through Research, Education and Advocacy
IDA Branch Events
 Los Angeles Branch
 2/20/2013 Dyslexia: Hurdles and Hopes Celebrating 30 Years of IDALA and Running...
  Santa Monica, CA
 The Southern California Tri-counties Branch of IDA
 1/21/2013 Strategies for Families to Survive and Thrive the Confusing Special Needs System of Services, Agencies and Funding A webinar presented by Douglas Baker, a parent of a 22 year old son with Autism and an advocate. He is the innovator of a comprehensive financial and special needs planning process that has uniquely wrapped special needs advocacy, services and resource collaboration into a lifespan service around the financial and wealth management industry. Doug will show us how to link services and family challenges as you navigate the systems - this will help provide clarity to the issue of financial planning. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
 2/9/2013 Legal Rights and Advocacy Workshop
  Diamond Bar, CA
 3/1/2013 Unlocking Mysteries of Learning. A 2-day conference promoting greater understanding of literacy and learning issues for parents and teachers
  Riverside CA
 Northern California Branch
 1/26/2013 Welcome to the Future: Where Diverse Brains Thrive
  San Francisco, CA
 Rocky Mountain Branch
 2/23/2013 Assistive Technology 101
  Cherry Hills Village
District of Columbia
 DC Capital Branch
 1/26/2013 Study Skills & Technology Applications for Academic Success
  Alexandria VA
 Georgia Branch
 2/1/2013 The International Dyslexia Association - Georgia Branch 23rd Annual Dimensions of Dyslexia Conference and The International Dyslexia Association's 1st Southern Regional Conference with participation from the following branches: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia
  Atlanta, GA
 2/27/2013 IDA-GA Outreach Event - The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia - Eastside Elementary in Marietta, GA
  Marietta, GA
 3/7/2013 IDA-GA Outreach Workshop - Parental Rights in Special Education: Advocating for Your Child in the Public Schools
  John's Creek, GA
 3/19/2013 IDA-GA Outreach Event - The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia at University of West Georgia, Newnan Center in Newnan, GA
  Newnan, GA
 3/27/2013 IDA-GA Outreach Event - The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia at UWG Education Building in Carrollton, GA
  Carrollton, GA
 3/28/2013 IDA-GA Outreach Event - "Experience Dyslexia" at Sage School in Suwanee, GA
  Suwanee, GA
 4/16/2013 IDA-GA Open Membership Meeting - Discussion with the IDA-GA Board of Directors
  Atlanta, GA
 10/19/2013 2013 Dyslexia Dash IDA-GA 5K Run/Walk
  Roswell, GA
 Northern Ohio Branch
 3/7/2013 The Many Facets of Dyslexia: A Silver Jubilee
  Cleveland OH
 Oregon Branch
 1/8/2013 Lecture Series: High School Completion Options
  Portland, OR
 2/12/2013 Lecture Series: Planning Ahead by Planning Backwards
  Portland, OR
 3/9/2013 38th Annual ORBIDA Conference - Making Math Real: Overview, K-12
  Portland, OR
 3/12/2013 Lecture Series: Dyslexia and the Law
  Portland, OR
 4/9/2013 Lecture Series: Dysgraphia
  Portland, OR

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