Thank you for your interest in speaking at the NetHope Global Summit 2019 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 21 - 25.
The NetHope Global Summit is a collaborative effort with our members and our partners, and we need your help to shape the agenda. To submit a proposal for an agenda session, including keynotes, plenary panels, breakouts, workshops, and trainings, please complete and submit the Agenda Suggestion form by Friday, June 14, 2019, 11:59pm EST.
Please be prepared to submit the following items for session proposals:
  • Session information
    • Type of session - keynote, plenary, breakout, workshop, learning session, training
    • Title
    • Abstract (2,500 characters max) - detailed description of your session to appear in conference materials
    • Objective (1,000 characters max) – What do you want Summit attendees to take away from your session? How will this session contribute to sharing and collaboration between participants?
    • Conference track that best represents your proposal
    • NetHope member and partner organizations represented
  • Speaker information (primary speakers, co-presenters, panelists, etc.)
    • Name
    • Title and Organization
    • Contact information
    • Bio
    • Photo
More information on the agenda submission process and requirements can be found at
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