For oral presentations (oral & roundtable) : CVs and COIs must be uploaded by May 6, 2019.
For ALL presentations (oral, roundtable, and poster): All presentations and handouts must be uploaded by June 12, 2019.

The Call for Abstracts for the 2019 National Sexual Health Conference will open December 1, 2018 and will close February 1, 2019.   Abstracts should highlight innovative programs, efforts and/or research related (or relevant) to sexual health in the United States.

Sexual Health is a critical issue in the United States, cutting across the fields of public health, reproductive health, disease prevention, clinical care, policy, advocacy, health equity, and the social determinants of health.  The purpose of the 2019 National Sexual Health Conference is to create a space to share information, innovations, and advances in sexual health and to develop conversations about supporting healthy sexuality in clinical and non-clinical settings for people across the lifespan. You are invited to submit an abstract to share your expertise with other participants.

All proposed posters, roundtables, and oral presentations should enhance sharing of information and skills development related to a broad spectrum of topics on sexual health, including, but not limited to, the following Pathways for Sexual Health:

  • Clinical Care
  • Education and Counseling
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Sexual Health Across the Lifespan
  • Culture and Society
  • Health Equity
  • Prevention and Outreach
Intended Audience:
  • Providers in care related to sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive health, hepatitis, disease prevention, and health promotion
  • Primary and public health care providers
  • Clinician prescribers: physicians, advance practice nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists
  • Nurses, social workers, counselors
  • Educators
  • Mental health and substance use care providers
  • Outreach workers, case managers, and patient navigators
  • Researchers exploring epidemiology, community, psychosocial, and physical aspects of sexual health
  • Health Policy Advocates
There are three types of abstract submissions you can make. While we will try to accommodate your first choice presentation format, we will ask you share a second choice, in the submission process.
  • Oral Presentations
    • The abstract committee will decide on length of oral presentations. They are either 30 minutes (paired with another abstract submission) or 40 minutes. The abstract committee may ask some submitters to present for a full workshop, which is 70 minutes.
  • Roundtable Discussion
    • 70 minutes
  • Posters: Describing Research or Innovative Programs/Projects

Please follow the directions carefully; not adhering to the directions may result in your abstract not being considered for presentation.

If you have further questions before submitting, you may email Victoria at [email protected]

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