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Welcome to the 2019 Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference
Call for Papers Online Submission!

Deadline Friday, October 26, 2018 at Midnight EST


(You will be led through the submission steps)

For the 14th Anniversary of the Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference, we are looking for the best-of-the best!


We are looking for innovative fundraisers and marketers like you who have great presentation skills and a strong desire to share what you know with other professionals at the 2019 Bridge Conference! As you ponder your speaking submission, think about these areas that we know people want to learn more about!

  • You can't have a completely separate 'direct marketing' and ''fundraising' operation anymore - how are you helping your donors and your organization BRIDGE different departments and experiences?

  • It's no longer about a single event - it's about an experience. Talk about it! Tell us what you learned!

  • One professional fundraiser cannot work alone - it's a team now. Let us know how you have succeeded in this reality.

  • It's not just what the donor can do for you - it's about the relationship you have with the donor. Tell us about your great stewardship wins.

  • Fundraising starts with the CEO, CFO and VPs - as a nonprofit leader, how are you ensuring that fundraising is not an afterthought?

  • They watch TV, they read the paper, they go online, they listen to the radio - people are not single channel - your fundraising isn't either - BRAG about your success!

  • It's not just a bright shiny new thing - how have you effectively tested new technologies and communication tools and made them a part of your program?

  • You need to start a campaign, but your client or volunteers are reluctant to set goals because they can't predict the future - what have you done to help?

  • We know you did it - you started with a group of petition signers and many years later recognized bequests from those folks. How did you do it?!

Before you go to the next page, gather the following information:

  • Who is on your presentation team - you will be asked to submit contact info and bios for all speakers

  • Think about why 100 people would want to listen to you

  • Provide 3 insights or actionable items those 100 people will receive.

To begin, enter your email and click submit. 
If you require assistance with the submission process, please contact Dan Nonnemaker at [email protected] or 703-547-1907.