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Call for Presentations/Posters

to be presented at the

American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists
45th Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium
March 6 - 9, 2019
Caribe Royale, Orlando

The Clinical Content Committee will review ALL abstracts as potential Thranhardt Lectures, unless the author designates that they do not want their paper considered. The committee will select the 2018 Howard R. Thranhardt Lectures and Free Paper presentations and will notify the authors of their selection. Abstracts will be peer reviewed by the Clinical Content Committee, which reserves the right to accept or reject abstracts.

Free Paper submissions may offer solutions to common problems, discuss patient and practice management techniques, innovative uses of technology, or present current research findings. The content and/or presentation of the information will promote quality or improvements in orthotic or prosthetic care. Free Paper presentations are 12 minutes in length and are organized and presented along with other similar presentations based on subject area.

The Thranhardt Lecture Series is part of an education fund that was established in memory of Howard R. Thranhardt, CP by the Southeast Hanger Companies. The Clinical Content Committee identifies, reviews, and selects the Thranhardt Lecture abstracts. Those selected present their papers at a designated time at the Academy Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium.

Thranhardt presenters are expected to present on the clinical, research, statistical analysis, results, and conclusions of their abstracts. Each presentation is 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of Q&A with the audience. A $500 honorarium will be awarded to each Thranhardt presentation. The abstracts identified as the Thranhardt Lectures will be sent to the Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics (JPO) Editorial Review Board for potential inclusion in a future issue of the JPO and become a course on the Academy's Paul E. Leimkuehler Online Learning Center.

General Poster Presentations provide an additional forum for sharing information. Submissions should offer solutions to common problems, patient/practice management techniques, innovative uses of technology, current research findings, and more. Click here for the instructions.

Student Poster Presentations provide an additional forum for sharing information. Submissions should offer solutions to common problems, patient/practice management techniques, innovative uses of technology, current research findings, and more. Click here for the instructions.

Submit your email address below to complete the application process.

Abstract Content

  • The purpose of the abstract is to define the precise content of the presentation to the audience. Abstracts must adopt the introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, and conclusion (IMRAD) format.

  • The results of the study must be included in the abstract. You may not state that the results will be presented or discussed.

  • Include references using the Harvard style of author name and year in the text of the abstract (Author, 1999). Do not use numbered references or footnotes.

  • If submitting an abstract to provide an overview of a clinically relevant subject, such as a case study, new technique or literature review, outline the learning objectives and report on the methods used to compile the information or develop a given technique, and all major conclusions.

  • Method - If appropriate, use the standard presentation adopted in scientific papers. Subjects: sample size, demographics, medical conditions, as appropriate. Research tools: gait analysis, surveys, questionnaires; other instruments. Procedures: what was done by whom to whom. Data Analysis: processing of data; statistical design; statistical tests.

  • Summarize your results. Include graphs or tables as appropriate. Ensure that these fit within the column width. Alternately, place them at the bottom of the page in a single column format. Use black and white graphics. Do not use color or shaded backgrounds.

  • Discuss your results. Relate your results to those of other authors. State the primary conclusion and clinical implications, if any, of your work. Indicate any future directions you may be pursuing.

  • In an effort to maintain the clinical relevance of the conference, every abstract must include a brief indication of its clinical applications.

  • The promotion of a specific proprietary business or commercial interest is strictly prohibited.

  • View a properly executed Sample Abstract Form.

  • All abstracts must be original work, attributable to the author.

  • It is the responsibility of the presenting author to ensure accuracy of content, spelling, and presentation.

  • Abstracts that exceed the one-page format will not be reviewed for inclusion in the program.
  • This abstract, if accepted, will be published exactly as submitted in the 2019 Academy Annual Meeting Journal of Proceedings.


The Abstract Form

  1. Your abstract is to be typed in the space provided on the Abstract Form by replacing the existing text.

  2. Figures are acceptable and must be included within the Abstract Form in the spaces provided.


The Abstract Application

  1. A two-line description of the presentation must be included as part of the Abstract Application. This description will be included in the Preliminary Program if your paper is accepted.

  2. The lead author's full name with credentials, contact information, and biographical sketch are required. This information enables the committee to contact the lead author if any clarification is needed.



  • To decline the consideration of an abstract as a Thranhardt Lecture, contact Molly Maguire at [email protected].


Submit Your Abstract

  • Submissions are managed through the Academy’s Speaker Management Portal. Access the portal by entering your email address below and selecting the SUBMIT button. Follow the abstract submission steps as indicated after entering the portal.

NOTE: Please complete the application and abstract form in its entirety.  Should you need to make changes to your application after submission, you may do so prior to the deadline.  You will receive instructions on how to do this once you've added your email. 



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