Welcome to the IWAC 2018 Submission Page

UPDATE (8/14/2017):  Thank you to everyone who submitted proposals for the IWAC 2018 Conference.  Our Submission Portal is now closed.

UPDATE (7/29/2017):  The IWAC 2018 Planning Committee was able to work with our proposal-submission vendor to streamline the reviewer assignment process. As a result, we are now able to extend the submission deadline to midnight on August 13, 2017; however, proposals received by the original August 1 deadline will receive priority consideration.

Proposal submission begins March 20, 2017 and ends August 1, 2017. Below you will find:
  • Session type descriptions
  • A list of target audiences
  • Review criteria
You should review this material and then enter your email at the bottom of the page to begin the submission process. Once you have entered your email, an account will be created, and you will be asked to select your proposal type and enter information about your proposal. 

 You may submit ONE proposal, however, to encourage workshop participation at the conference, participants who submit a workshop will be allowed to submit one additional proposal for a session of their choice. ​To submit a workshop, visit our WORKSHOP SUBMISSION PORTAL. The submission portal will provide further submission information as well as criteria for review. 

For all other submission types, please remember:
  • Serving as chair of a panel does not count as a presenter role and therefore does not preclude individuals from participating in other sessions.  
  • Serving as chair of a panel without taking a presenter role is also possible.
  • You also must remove identifying information from your proposal by replacing identifying material (names of individuals and/or organizations/institutions) with an X. This helps to ensure the integrity of the blind review process.

For a print version of the information on this page, please download our instructions PDF here.


  • Panel Session (2-4 presentations followed by discussion/questions). The panel should be coherent with all presentations developing the key themes in a way appropriate to the target audience(s). Max 1000 words.
  • Individual Presentation or Paper (20 minutes). The presentation or paper will be combined with two other individual presentations or papers to create panels with similar key terms and target audience(s). Max 250 words.
  • Teaching Demonstration (1 -4 presenters followed by discussion/questions). Demonstrations showcase particular assignments or strategies of instruction that might be used or adapted to other disciplines or levels of instruction.  Max 1000 words.
  • Roundtables (1-4 facilitators engage participants in a discussion). Rountables are focused on full audience participation in the discussion rather than on the presentations or demonstrations by individual facilitators.  Discussions should include key issues, questions, or possibilities for collaboration.   Max 250 words, plus 100 for each facilitator.
  • 5 x 10 (5 presenters each have 5 slides and 10 minutes to present). Individual proposals will be clustered without concern for theme but with attention to similarity of target audience(s); time keeper will be present to ensure each presenter has their allotted 10 minutes and the audience has time for questions and discussion at the end of the presentations. Max 250 words.
  • Posters (a 30" x 40" visual representation of teaching, research or program). Posters will be available for viewing throughout the conference, so they should be understandable on their own. Poster contributors will be asked to be at their poster to engage in conversation during one of the 75 minute concurrent sessions. Max 250 words.
  • Workshops (a 3-hour session with 1-4 facilitators). Workshops will focus on interactive participation and practical application. Participants should leave your workshop with clear takeaways (i.e. handouts, lesson plans, strategies, examples, etc.). To submit a workshop, visit our WORKSHOP SUBMISSION PORTAL.  Max 750 words.
To help the diverse participants identify sessions that are most likely to be of interest and to allow us to send your proposal to appropriate reviewers, we ask that all proposals identify 3 key terms. Consider terms that connect to our theme or to broad issues in the field, but accurately describe the focus of your proposal.

Choose up to 3 target audiences for your work.
High School teachers
Higher Education Faculty
First-Year Composition Teachers  
Graduate Students
Extension Faculty  
   Art and Humanities
   Social Sciences 
   Community Literacy Programs  
   Professional Schools
   Museum Personnel
   Program Administrators
   Composition Directors
   WAC/WID Scholars 
Reviewers will be asked to evaluate and give feedback on the proposal submissions using the following criteria:
  • Appropriate to proposed session type (criteria varies slightly for each session type)
  • Appropriate to the IWAC conference and its diverse audiences
  • Clarity of description
  • Connection to theory, research, or best practices

Please enter your email address and click on the START button.  Once you begin the submission process, you must click SAVE after you enter your information during each step, so you do not lose your information.  Before submitting your proposal, you will be allowed to review your information and make changes.