Chapter of Excellence

Submission Deadline: January 30, 2019
Sponsored by
International Society for Performance Improvement
P.O. Box 13035
Silver Spring MD 20910
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The ISPI Chapter of Excellence Program recognizes those chapters that demonstrate innovative efforts and/or achieve outstanding results in the categories of Programming, Communications, or Chapter to Society Relations. The award recognizes achievement over a calendar year.
Each Chapter of Excellence Award category need not be awarded each year. There may be multiple awards given in a category.
Criteria for Nomination
In addition to the application form and supporting documentation, Chapters must have submitted
their annual report to the Society as required by their Chapter Affiliation Agreement.
Chapter of Merit designation is NOT a prerequisite for consideration as a Chapter of Excellence.
The deadline for application is January 30th, 2019. 
Guidelines for Selection
The following guidance is provided to aid the selection of Chapter of Excellence awardees. These attributes are neither mandatory nor exhaustive.
Outstanding Programming
  • Identify and determine the best methods for responding to the needs and interests of the Chapter’s served community to deliver relevant programs, products, and services that align with ISPI’s strategic goals and values.
  • Review metrics to evaluate programs and make recommendations to maintain, improve, or discontinue.
  • Ensure the review of existing and potential professional development activities that incorporate the conditions necessary for successful adult learning.
  • Develop comprehensive implementation plans to ensure that programs are fiscally responsible.
  • Use of innovative methods and delivery systems to appropriately address stakeholder needs.
  • Co-sponsorship of meetings/conferences with other chapters or groups
  • Other efforts or results indicative of aspirational Programming
Chapter Communications
  • Deploy informative, engaging physical marketing material
  • Deploy informative, engaging website and virtual communications design
  • Distribute engaging newsletter on a regular basis
  • Leverage membership directory and leads list outreach and analysis
  • Develop community awareness through social media
  • Develop community awareness through traditional media
  • Develop a data-driven marketing strategy to support the Chapter’s membership, education, and/or outreach goals
  • Other efforts or results indicative of aspirational Chapter Communications

Chapter to Society Relations
  • Encourage Society membership
  • Conduct timely and continuing communications with Society (Staff and CPC)
  • Support and promote Society meetings, programs, and goals
  • Share with the Society lessons learned regarding better service of member needs
  • Other efforts or results indicative of aspirational Chapter to Society Relations
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