2014 Bridge Conference Call for Papers

Welcome to the 2014 Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference
Call for Papers Online Submission!

Deadline Friday, October 4, 2013.

You will be lead through the submission steps.

YES! We are looking for sessions 9 months before the next Bridge Conference!  

As we plan for the 2014 Bridge Conference the education team is searching for provocative, innovative, and actionable content from marketing and fundraising professionals to present to their peers in 2014.

Next year’s conference will be July 9-11 at the Gaylord, hosted by DMAW and AFP DC, and will have numerous partners representing the best minds.  

So what are we searching for in a presenter?  

We are not looking for content that has been presented numerous times, that is vague and not quantifiable; nor the presenter that is a monotonous drone and wants to pitch their latest widget.

We want new content with a point of view that might be different. We’d like you to take chances with your co-presenters; ask a competitor to work with you. We are looking for the smart people with head- scratching content.

Do you have great ideas about…
  • Supporter engagement and retention
  • Generational marketing
  • Transformational giving
  • Story telling that matters
  • Using new technologies in impactful ways
Before you go to the next page, gather some of the following:
  • Who you and your team are for this session
  • Broad summary of what you’d like to present
  • Think about – why would 100 people want to listen to you
  • And, be able to list at least 3 take a-ways those 100 people will receive
Click here to see what companies were represented at the 2013 Bridge Conference. 
If you have questions about your session, please feel free to email Tiffany Neill or Dennis McCarthy and we’ll give you guidance.

To begin enter your email and click submit. 
If you require assistance with the submission process, please contact Chareese Cunningham at chareesec@bridgeconf.org or at 703-547-1907.

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