2021 Understanding Interventions Conference
July 8-10, 2021
Underline Virtual Conferencing Platform

Welcome to the Virtual 13th Annual Understanding Interventions Conference powered by Underline. Attendees will experience plenaries, workshops, symposia, and poster presentations that communicate effective strategies from successful STEM intervention programs, present results from empirical research studies, and synthesize the translation of research findings into practice on STEM learning, undergraduate research, graduate education, and student retention.
Prepare to engage in dialogue with education, behavioral, and social science researchers, program evaluators, STEM faculty, and administrators with special interest in STEM training and intervention programs. Graduate students in these academic fields or with experience in STEM training and intervention programs are strongly encouraged to attend.
The general schedule is below.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Shanta Outlaw, Program Manager at [email protected].