USDLA International Distance Learning Awards
The United States Distance Learning Association, the nation’s premier distance learning association since 1987 presents its International Distance Learning Awards Program, the premier awards for the distance learning industry.
These prestigious awards are presented annually to organizations and individuals, and recognize seven categories of excellence:
1.   21st Century Distance Learning Award
2.   Outstanding Leadership Award
3.   Innovation Award
4.   Excellence in Teaching/Training Award
5.   Impact Award
6.   Student Achievement Award
7.   Quality Research Paper Award
The USDLA International Distance Learning Awards are created to acknowledge major accomplishments in distance learning and to highlight those distance learning instructors, programs, and professionals who have accomplished and demonstrated extraordinary achievements through the use of global online, videoconferencing, and satellite/video delivery technologies.
The USDLA International Distance Learning Awards are presented to five major sectors of distance learning, education and training to include the Pre-K – 12, Higher Education, Corporate, Government/Military and Telehealth markets.
The USDLA International Distance Learning Awards will be presented at the USDLA International Awards Ceremony scheduled at the USDLA National Conference.

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