APHSA Call for Presentations
Experience 360 Third Thursdays

APHSA Virtual Series
The American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) is now accepting proposals for the 2021 Experience 360 Third Thursday virtual series that will start in January 2021. As we look to opportunities to continue connecting our members and providing a collective learning environment in these times of meeting virtually, we invite you submit session ideas for our APHSA Experience 360 Third Thursday Series.  

In 2021, APHSA is holding a virtual series that will elevate critical discussions focused on advancing social and economic mobility and working upstream, to address root causes and prevent downstream needs. We will also continue to showcase innovative approaches that are building the capacity of agencies to optimize data, put families at the center of the work, and support the well-being of the workforce. 
Currently, this series is scheduled for six months starting in Q1 of 2021. Each month, there will be a minimum of three sessions presented; however, we may add a fourth session on a given month if the content is timely and relevant.

We are seeking presentations that engage public and private partners from the health and human services sector, thought leaders from the field, and are representative of cross sector efforts with education, employment, housing, and justice. Proposals should demonstrate their application to service delivery, policy, and other areas that impact human-serving agencies, programs, and related organizations. Priority will be given to submissions which align with the APHSA Action Plan in one of the following areas:  

Third Thursday Tracks
Track Example of Topics
Moving HHS Upstream: Preventing Issues Before They Happen Preventing child maltreatment, enhancing population health; Key 2020 Drivers: Families First Implementation; Partnership with Public Health; Focused Research Agenda; Enabling Factors: Primary prevention, maternal health, non-resident parent engagement, early education/quality child care, housing, supports for transitioning youth
Advancing Social & Economic Mobility: Ensuring Families Succeed for the Long-Term Investing in workforce as parents and caregivers, mitigating cliff effect, working across sectors; Key 2020 Drivers and Actionable Areas: Focus on economic mobility, modernizing TANF, insights from Kresge Ecosystem sites; Enabling Factors: employer engagement, education policy, financial asset-building, quality child care, affordable housing, disability supports/ability lens
Building Field Capacity: Providing Insights and Tools that Move Us Forward Workforce well-being, data insights and interoperability, culture of evidence, generative leadership, productive narrative, crisis, disaster planning, and response

In addition to aligning with the APHSA Action Plan, we will look to policy and practice alignment. 
Policy Alignment
Practice Alignment
Child Welfare
Child Care
Child Support
Crisis and Disaster Response
Virtual Supervision
Performance Measurement/Program Integrity
Organizational Effectiveness
Trauma-Informed Practice and Impact on Staff
Telework Training and Practice Implications
Equity (and its relation to the national pandemic)
Tools and Resources to support the Workforce
Employee Wellness
Leadership Development
Evaluating Workforce Efforts
Dismantling Racism
COVID-19 Learnings and Insights (relating to HHS)

Submission Review Criteria

Your proposal will be evaluated using the following criteria: 
  • The session must align with the APHSA Action Plan from which we will have developed the tracks: Moving HHS Upstream; Advancing Social & Economic Mobility; Building Field Capacity
  • Content must be relevant and timely
  • A state, locality or community-based organization must be one of the co-presenters
  • APHSA Strategic Industry Partners and Platinum Underwriters for conferences will receive priority consideration, as long as the content meets all other criteria.
  • Clearly stated purpose and objectives that are (i) well developed and complete, (ii) innovative and forward thinking, and (iii) demonstrate a broad impact on the health and human services sector with a focus on the well-being of children, families and the communities in which they live.
  • Submissions from private, for-profit businesses must include either non-profit partners or public-sector partners.

Submission Guidelines and Deliverable Schedule

Please be sure to follow the instructions throughout the submission process carefully.  As part of your submission, you are required to include a short abstract (no more than 350 words) of the session along with the proposed names and organizations of any presenters.  Proposals will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. 
Marketing: Presentation descriptions and biographies will be used in official virtual series materials, including the virtual series website, marketing messages and the virtual platform. All material is subject to editing without notification to the presenter.

Expectations for Presenters: All presenters are required to register for the virtual series and pay the registration fee if the speaker(s) want access to the on-demand sessions post event. The registration fee gives access to all six events in the series for up to six months following the close of the event.

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