#ITalkSexualHealth Conference

All Times Indicated are Pacific Time.
All Full Conference Registrations Gain Access to All Recorded Sessions for One Year


October 14-17, 2021 at the Hyatt Lake Washington, Seattle Washington


The 2021 conference is organized as follows 
  1. Professional Practice Presentations (90 minutes)
  2. Moderated Roundtable Discussions (2 - 45 minutes sessions)
  3. Poster Session 
  4. Sexual Health Awareness Day (90 minutes on Saturday, October 16, 2021, only)
Professional Practice Presentations: These 90 minutes sessions will be organized into three areas as follows:(1)professional practice and coaching, (2)ethics and (3)research

Moderated Roundtable Discussions: These small, intimate discussions with experts allow participants to learn and talk about special topics. Each table may have 8-10 attendees at a given time. The role of the moderator is to facilitate a discussion from a specific topic area.
Poster Sessions: Highlights the findings of researchers and the trends emerging within the field of sexual health and problematic sexual behavior.

Sexual Health Awareness Day:  90-minute workshops/presentations for the recovery community or general public.  

Take care to enter data accurately, including the upper and lower case of letters, correct spelling, and punctuation. The information will be used exactly as is listed here in the brochure and other marketing materials, attention to detail is essential to professional submissions.

No Submissions will be accepted via email


 SASH believes each content area important to allow for divergent views and broad encompassing training, however, the views expressed by the individual trainers/presenters are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of SASH, its Board or its members.

Reasons Submissions Get Rejected

In order for a submission to be chosen, the proposal must satisfy the following to meet continuing education requirements and standards: the presenter must qualify as an expert on the subject matter and possess the appropriate credentials to present the material, the subject matter must be directly and primarily related to practice, education or research and enable attendees to remain relevant with the most up to date scientific evidence regarding treatment, assessment, and intervention to increase competency and service delivery or knowledge. 

The session description fails to provide a purpose, outcome for attendees, or statement that reflects a relationship to learning or improving clinical skills. The session must focus on relevant clinical skills or knowledge development and not the promotion of a person, product, or treatment. The content is not innovative or novel and does not reflect current trends or research in the field.

The objectives are not observable or measurable (action verbs) and do not follow APA format. Terms such as learn, know, understand are used versus measurable terms such as list, describe, demonstrate, compare, explain. They do not focus on what the learner will know or be able to do as a result of attending the session. They do not connect to the abstract description. The number of objectives does not meet the requirement of one objective for every 30 minutes of learning.

The presenter does not possess the appropriate level of expertise or knowledge to address the session content. The education, credentials, and experience of the presenter do not qualify them to address the topic.

Relevant Scholarly References
The submitted references are not from the last 10 years. The references are not scholarly (from academic journals), The references are not in APA format.

Connection to SASH Mission
The submission does not fit the SASH mission or highlight elements of sexual health: cognitive, affective, physical, or spiritual factors.

Questions about the conference can be sent to Con[email protected] 


All Presenters will be notified of their selection by email on March 28, 2021.