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Call for Proposals

The Program Committee invites you to submit a proposal to present at the 2020 National Coastal and Estuarine Summit. The Summit program emphasizes lessons learned and best practices in every aspect of coastal and estuarine restoration and management. There are numerous ways to participate in the program as described below. Submittals of complete sessions are strongly encouraged.

  • Dedicated Session – Potential session chairs should propose five (5) presenters in a 90-minute session. Dedicated sessions must include multiple viewpoints and diverse organizational representation, and we strongly encourage proposals to address various aspects of restoration and/or management within the chosen topic. Submissions must be made by the proposed session chair and must identify all proposed presenters. Session chairs may propose themselves as one of the presenters in the session, although the preference is for five presenters in addition to the chair.
  • Alternative Format Session – We encourage dynamic, creative, and interactive 90-minute sessions in which the material or presentation(s) lend themselves better to other formats. Potential examples include, but are not limited to: speed or “lightning” rounds with eight to ten presenters; debate or “poetry slam” style interactions; crowdsource solutions, in which presenters describe problems and seek suggestions from audience members; video presentations, for which the presenter must be available in person; tool café sessions; and coffee house sessions.
  • Single Presentation – Please propose one 15-minute presentation within one of the Summit focus areas. The Program Committee will organize selected presentations into cohesive 90-minute concurrent sessions and assign session moderators. If you would like to propose more than one presentation, you must submit each proposal separately. We strongly encourage student presentation proposals.
  • Poster – Posters will be displayed throughout the Summit, and dedicated time will allow poster presenters to interact directly with Summit participants. To the greatest degree possible, posters will be arranged and displayed by focus area. If you would like to submit more than one poster, you must submit each proposal separately. Please note that typically only one poster per lead author/presenter is accepted into the Summit program. We strongly encourage student poster proposals.
Selection Process and Criteria
The Program Committee will review proposals in conjunction with RAE and CSO. Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Significance to the restoration and/or coastal management communities;
  • Applicability and transferability of information to other projects and locales, particularly with respect to “lessons learned,” which are defined as those elements that did not occur as expected and what was learned from challenges that may have arisen;
  • Relevance to Summit focus areas;
  • Interconnectivity between restoration and/or management on multiple scales and regions;
  • Insight on upcoming restoration and/or coastal management trends and science; and
  • Thoroughness of proposal.
The selection process is competitive, and not all submitted proposals will be accepted into the Summit program. Oral presentations not selected for inclusion in the Summit program will receive strong consideration for inclusion in the Poster Session.
Presenter/Chair Responsibilities
Once a proposal has been accepted for inclusion in the program, RAE and CSO will communicate due dates for additional required information for the printed Summit program booklet along with audio-visual (AV) logistics. Session chairs are responsible for providing all required information related to their sessions by the due dates. Reasonable AV equipment, including laptops, projectors, and screens, will be provided as needed. All presentations should be in English.
Poster Setup and Display
Posters will be displayed from Sunday evening, October 4, through Wednesday afternoon, October 7. Poster set-up will occur on Sunday afternoon. Additional information on poster logistics will be provided upon approval into the program. To the degree possible, posters will be arranged by topic or focus area. If you would like your poster displayed with others, please indicate this in your proposal in the “additional information” area in the submittal form. The Summit schedule will include time during which posters will be presented in the Expo Hall.

Some Key Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Proposals will be reviewed based on the information received by the due date of April 17, 2020. Proposals deemed incomplete or lacking in information will likely be rejected by the Program Committee.
  • A person may submit more than one proposal and someone may be included in more than one proposal. As a general rule, however, the Program Committee tries to limit people to one oral presentation within the program to maximize speaking opportunities for the most number of people, i.e. someone may submit more than one oral presentation proposal, but the likelihood is that only one will be chosen for inclusion. Submitters may propose an oral presentation and poster and both may be selected for the program.
  • When developing your proposal, please refer to the GPO Style Guide for guidance about capitalization, punctuation, acronyms, and similar grammatical items.
  • Dedicated sessions must have five speakers. If your session has unique elements (e.g. uses a workshop format) that would necessitate fewer presenters, please submit the proposal as an alternative format session.
  • Single presentations will be combined to create sessions. If you have a preference as to the type of session, please indicate it in the “additional information” box in the online form.
  • Dedicated sessions should consist of multiple viewpoints and organizational representation; sessions consisting of representation from only one organization will likely be rejected by the Program Committee.
  • All Summit attendees, including speakers and poster presenters, must register and pay the registration fee to participate in the Summit in person. If you are submitting a session or submitting on behalf of other speakers, please make sure everyone in your session understands this requirement and is prepared to pay the registration fee and associated travel costs to attend the Summit.
Registration fees will be as follows:

  • Early bird - $495
  • Full - $595
  • On-site - $625
  • Currently Enrolled Student (with current student ID) - $275
  • One-Day - $290

Please review the full Call for Proposals document for more details. Download instructions for completing your proposal submission here.

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