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Environment Virginia 2020 Call For Presentations
Call open from Aug. 2 - Sept. 20, 2019

Categories for this year's call are the following:
  • Air Pollution, Regulation & Permitting 
  • Agriculture/Forestry/Tourism 
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Climate Change 
  • Conservation Innovation Technology
  • Energy
  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental Justice 
  • Fish & Wildlife/Aquaculture
  • Industry Best Practices/Compliance/Sustainability 
  • Land 
  • Other: Environmental Management; Transportation; Career Development; Environmental Literacy; Management Systems 
  • Public Sector Best Practices & Sustainability
  • Tourism: Eco, Agricultural, Green
  • Waste/Recycling
  • Water 

Any questions, please send an email to: Derek Pinkham

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