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Call for Presentations
CTSS2020 Conference
Proposal Deadline: June 28, 2019

Conference Dates: February 16-18, 2020
Hyatt Regency
Atlanta, GA

TO SUBMIT:  Read through this page and enter your email address at the bottom to get started.
Make sure you choose one email address that you will use for the entire submission process and the Conference.
Resume/CV MUST be uploaded during this process.  Please do not send them to us via email.

The Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc. (ATN) invites you to submit a proposal to speak at our 3rd annual Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools (CTSS) Conference to be held February 16-18, 2020 in Atlanta, GA.  The mission of CTSS 2020 is to give all educators - teachers, administrators and school personnel - as well as other child-serving professionals, community leaders and parents an opportunity to explore the importance of trauma-informed care in schools and other child-serving environments. Through the ACEs studies and neurological research, we now know how significantly early trauma impacts a child’s ability to learn and develop and the importance of addressing the complexities of childhood trauma in schools.  Each year the conference invites professionals who have experience and expertise in the development of trauma-informed educational programs and systems at all levels.


What We Are Looking For at CTSS 2020
ATN’s National CTSS Conference is a venue for all education professionals and child-serving experts to share their ideas—sessions can be led by teachers, administrators, school counselors, psychologists, social workers, parents, or any other professional from across the broad spectrum of trauma-informed education, parenting and community-building.  Given the variety of audience and attendees’ levels at our conference, your proposed workshop description should make the topic and target audience(s) of your session completely clear. This year we will be asking you to designate your target audience(s) as well as whether your session will cover trauma-informed education from an introductory or advanced level.
We are seeking three lengths of workshops for our 2020 conference:

  • 75 minute workshops:  The most common type of workshops covering a specific aspect of creating trauma-sensitive schools and trauma-informed community and parenting strategies.
  • 3-hour Deep Dive Sessions: We will have a limited number of  "deep dive" sessions where presenters will be able to go deeper into specific concepts, models and strategies.
  • 2-hour Learning Experiences Sessions: We will also have about a dozen 2-hour sessions on Tuesday afternoon that will give attendees an opportunity to experience a specific intervention, activity or model or practice/apply various strategies and tools presented.
Session Subject Areas
We are especially interested in sessions that address these topics:
  • Programming and activities that improve academic outcomes for children with DT (Developmental Trauma).
  • Examples of trauma-informed programs/strategies that have been implemented that show improved outcomes.
  • Developing, implementing, and assessing innovative teaching strategies and successful academic programs.
  • Research-informed interventions and tools that can be implemented in school settings.
  • Leading system-wide or community initiatives, and implementing policy changes.
  • Creating trauma-informed community partnerships and involving parents, families, and other stakeholders. 
  • Diversity, poverty and the unique needs of children and schools in high poverty areas.
  • Cultural Competency – school programs and systems that meet the cultural, linguistic and social needs of the students.
  • Teacher Care - the importance of and strategies for caring for those working daily with traumatized children.
Using the Online Form
All proposals for presenting must be done through this online form.  Emailed, mailed or submissions sent other ways will not be considered.  An account will be created based on the email address you use- please use the same email address throughout, and remember the ID number that is emailed to you.  You will be able to save the form and return to it, so you don’t have finish your proposal all at one time
Within this form we will be asking you to submit:
  • Log in/Create an Account.  By creating an account you will be able to save your draft submissions and review before  making final submission.
  • The contact information for the presenter(s) – up to two presenters. 
  • A brief title and description of the workshop that will be used in our conference program/conference app (online and in print).
  • Goals - the learning objectives for those attending your session
  • Intended audience and level of presentation
  • Desired length of presentation, and whether you’re willing to consider a different workshop length, as well as whether you’re willing to repeat your session 
  • Brief bios of the presenter(s)

Adding one (1) Co-Presenter is optional, but if you do, their email, bio and resumes are required as well.  In addition to completing the form, full resumes/CVs of each presenter must be uploaded at the time of submission. Incomplete forms or those lacking resumes cannot be submitted.  We highly encourage you to print your submitted proposals and maintain a copy of all workshops you submit.
All conference attendees should be able to quickly read your session description and clearly understand what will be learned in your session. Avoid using abbreviations, acronyms, or references that attendees might not be familiar with.

Multiple Co-Presenters?  Full registration fee will be waived for up to two (2) presenters- the primary and a co-presenter. Each workshop will be limited to two (2) presenters.  If your workshop requires more than two presenters, with ATN’s approval, additional presenters could be allowed, but will be required to register at the full rate ($399 until Nov 1, then $485). For consideration of additional presenters, please submit their name, title, credentials, email address, phone, and full resume/CV directly to [email protected] via email only.  Make sure to note the names of any workshops in your email subject line. If accepted, you will be required to pay for your additional presenter prior to final placement in the agenda. 

Lodging and Travel: All presenters are responsible for their own travel & lodging arrangements, and expenses. Submit a session proposal only if you can secure funding to attend the conference and are available to present at any time during the conference – From Sunday, February 16- thru Tuesday, February 18, 2020.  We cannot promise specific dates or times for presenting.

Logistics for Selected Presenters

By submitting a proposal to present at CTSS2020, you agree to the following:

Conference Costs

All presenters must register for the conference.  Full registration fee will be waived for up to two (2) presenters. Each workshop will be limited to two (2) presenters.  If your workshop requires more than two presenters, with ATN’s approval, additional presenters could be allowed, but will be required to register at the full rate. All presenters are responsible for their own travel & lodging arrangements, and expenses. Submit a session proposal only if you can secure funding to attend the conference and are available to present at any time during the conference – From Sunday, February 16- thru Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

A/V Equipment and File Sharing

  • Presenters must bring your own laptop (VGA connection).  Presenters who indicate that they need these items will have access to an LCD or digital projector (inventory permitting), screen, speakers, and standard VGA cables for a PC laptop. If you have a new PC, make sure you check to verify you have a VGA port.  Many new PCs only have HDMI and you will need a converter – please bring your own. You must bring your own connectors if you plan to use a Mac computer.
  • If you plan to include videos with your presentation (ie YouTube videos or audio from YouTube), please make sure they are downloaded to your device, not embedded.  Internet service is not guaranteed. See your IT person for more information.
  • Make sure to bring a backup of your presentation on a flashdrive.
  • ATN will not print handouts for you at the Conference.

Conference App

  • ATN will be using a conference app to supply information to attendees.
  • We will load the schedule/workshop descriptions into the app and ask that Presenters, prior to the conference:
    • Set up your profiles, adding pictures and links.
    • Load handouts and other materials to share with attendees.  ATN will NOT print handouts for your workshop.  You are responsible for loading them into the app and/or bringing printed copies if you choose.
  • The Conference App shows the number of attendees that have pre-selected each workshop session and allows presenters to start discussions, polls and other interactions with workshop attendees, and to continue to discussions during and after the conference (through October 1, 2020.).
  • Over 90% of our 2019 attendees utilized the app.  It is an important tool for engaging our attendees.
  • ATN will provide conference app tech support to presenters both prior to the conference and during the conference.

Shipping, Receiving, and Storage Policies

Shipping of materials is the responsibility of the presenter.  Please check with the hotel for delivery, storage, and shipping options.


Please check our Conference Page for the most up-to-date information.

Questions can be directed to [email protected]

Other Considerations

Given time and space constraints, as well as our need to develop a balanced program, we may not be able to accept all exceptional proposals. If your proposal is not accepted for this year's conference, we encourage you to consider submitting a proposal for other ATN conferences in the future.

All session titles and descriptions, along with presenter names, job titles, institutions, and states are part of the official conference program, and by submitting a proposal you grant us permission to publish and promote this session as a part of ATN’s Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools conference.  ATN reserves the right to edit any descriptions for consistency, accuracy and to fit within space constraints.


Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Proposal Requirements and Review

Your session proposal will be reviewed by a cross-professional group of experienced trauma-informed educators and community leaders. Your proposed session should:

  • Present programs, practices, or models that have been effective with, developed by, and/or created for working with children with Developmental Trauma (DT);
  • Specify how the work presented has a positive impact on children impacted by trauma;
  • Be delivered in a dynamic way that enhances the attendees' learning ; and
  • Present work that can be replicated in other settings.
  • The selection committee will evaluate your proposed session using these criteria:
    • Relevance: Is the content of the session significant and aligned with conference topic areas? Can it be used to help children with DT, their teachers or their family succeed? Does the content appear to be suitable for the level proposed(introductory/advanced)?  Does the content reinforce the stated session objectives?
    • Innovation: Will the session present creative new solutions, insights, or approaches?
    • Perspective: Does the proposed session represent multiple perspectives on the topic? Does it address both student and professional experience?
    • Effectiveness: Will the session present ideas or strategies that are supported by data and have proven successful in the classroom, community or in the home?
    • Application: Is the session applicable to a broad spectrum of pre-K–12 or higher education communities? Does the session appear to fit the targeted educational communities proposed? Will it suggest methods for implementing ideas or strategies?
    • Interactivity: Does the proposed session encourage interaction with attendees and specify how that will be done?  i.e., discussions, activities, simulations, gaming, or other ways to engage the audience?

Enter your email address and hit the SUBMIT button.