Thursday, September 26th, 2019
Impact of HB 592 on the Involuntary Discharge Process - All You Need to Know to Navigate Significant New Substantive and Procedural Requirements
Learn the "nuts and bolts" of the specific changes coming October 1, 2019 to the Involuntary discharge process from HB 592, including significant changes to the Patient's Bill of Rights, the 30-Day Notice Process (including numerous changes to the content of the 30-day letter); new provisions for post-discharge care planning; new restrictions on when, and to whom, discharge can be accomplished; and practical recommendations for compliance and leveraging some of the very positive changes to the law (including increased penalties on families for failing to complete MA applications and enhanced remedies). The success of your ID cases post October 1, 2019 depends on knowing these changes and implementing them at the facility-wide level! We will also discuss the impact of HB 592 on the discharge process on Medicaid pending applicants and practical tips/solutions for the process in general.
Bodie, Dolina, Hobbs, Friddell & Grenzer, P.C.