Tuesday, September 24th, 2019
Home Health Collaboratives: Reducing Readmissions, Lowering Costs, and Improving Care Together
With the onset of readmission reduction initiatives, hospitals first looked at themselves for improvement, involving all departments, improving discharge processes, reaching out to patients in the 30 days post hospital discharge, and improving transitions of care. Suburban is involved in 2 SNF collaboratives and has been working on care transitions from hospital to SNF and from SNF to home. Home health has not been involved in any collaboratives to the extent that SNFs have...and it is time. In January 2018, Suburban created Montgomery County's first Home health Agency Collaborative. Our first effort began with a root cause analysis to determine why there was such a gap between patients being seen within 48 hours of discharge compared to those who were not. We are closing that gap! Data are being tracked for reasons of refusal and readmissions and tracked for those that have a Home Health Medicare claim.
Suburban Hospital, A Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine