Claudia Kearney has worked as a trainer with North Carolina State University’s Center for Family and Community Engagement since 2009. Before joining the Center, she worked as a trainer and consultant with the Department of Health and Human Services (DSS Division) and the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Her work experience includes domestic violence advocacy and counseling, family group decision making and child and family team facilitation, family court mediation, family leadership program coordination, and curriculum development and delivery.
Ms. Kearney has been involved in developing and implementing curricula, providing technical assistance, and presenting to local and national audiences on domestic violence, family group decision making, cultural safety, military culture, and engaging fathers. Ms. Kearney developed a cultural safety training curriculum that highlights family group decision making processes as a mechanism for respectfully engaging families in the development of culturally relevant safety plans. As part of her research she has gone into the communities to speak to different populations and has respectfully included their voice into all of her curricula and presentations. She has been a key partner in both online webinars and in-person presentations discussing the topic of courageous conversations, domestic violence and fathering after violence. She has partnered with the North Carolina Division of Social Services to develop training materials on domestic violence and how to engage non-residential fathers, with a focus on how to include fathers in a family’s meeting.

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