Deanna Helenihi, Program Specialist II/Training Team Member, County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency, ConnectWellSD

Deanna Helenihi has over 15 years of experience with the County of San Diego. She began her training career as an Eligibility Trainer where she led 13-week Initial Training classes for introducing new Eligibility Workers to the various County policies and the regulations of all Self Sufficiency Programs (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid and General Relief). Ms. Helenihi also led refresher trainings as well as created numerous eLearnings to support the implementation of new policies and regulations for the County of San Diego. Ms. Helenihi developed and facilitated programs such as The Essentials of Supervision and Project Management Bootcamp to assist staff in building their leadership skills.

Ms. Helenihi’s current role is to develop and implement training for the ConnectWellSD software that encourages and reinforces the Person-Centered Service Initiative for San Diego County. In this role, she worked on a team to create 50+ eLearnings, several webinars, job aids, as well as hands-on training curriculum to onboard over 6000 users within the Health and Human Services Agency. As the Lead for the Work Management functionality in the ConnectWellSD system, Ms. Helenihi trained over 2500 Eligibility users to help them manage work flow in the system to improve customer service in all the Family Resource Centers of San Diego County.

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