The Retention/Resilience Trifecta:Happiness, Mindfulness, Kindfulness (Part 1) 1: Embrace Happy in the Workplace 2: Mindfulness Kindness Factor
Sunday, October 20th, 2019
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM: Pre-Conference Workshop
One of the biggest challenges in Human Services agencies today is that of worker resilience-retention. Training and on-boarding new staff is costly both financially and on our human resources. Last year, a group of veteran training professionals set about to influence a culture shift to improve workforce resilience and ultimately, workforce retention. This is how the Retention-Resilience Trifecta evolved.

In this interactive two-part workshop, workshop presenters demonstrate how the Trifecta of Happiness, Mindfulness and Kindfulness can positively impact workforce retention-resilience.

During Part 1, participants self-assess their Happiness levels, how it impacts their own and co workers' productivity. Participants will learn the science of Happiness and how the PERMA Model can be applied in the workplace. They'll experience Positive Psychology techniques based on this science and that can easily be done back in their workplace.

We'll share results and testimonials from Georgia's Happiness Challenge, which was implemented December 2018 to help bolster morale and productivity in the Training and Professional development section. Participants will learn how they can create a Happiness Challenge of their own

Through mindful learning, we'll transition to and connect the other parts of the Trifecta: Mindfulness and Kindfulness to Happiness. Brief lecture will provide the backdrop for understanding how Kindfulness takes Mindfulness one step further in promoting resilience.

Participants will engage in a variety of mindful-kindful activities strategically placed throughout the workshop. Activities include self discovery, Mindfulness exploration and yoga, Kindful meditations. Working in small groups, participants will develop a strategic plan of their own improving workplace resilience/ retention.

We''ll explain Mindful/Kindful approaches used in Georgia's new worker Academy that helps participants deal with cognitive overload and improve overall cognitive flexibility. Presenters will share results of Mindful Matter study with a sample group of new child welfare case managers; and the role of technology in its implementation.

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