Team Based Learning™ 101: Flipping the Training Room to Develop Competence, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration
Sunday, October 20th, 2019
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM: Pre-Conference Workshop
This presentation is designed either as a stand-alone session or as a pre-requisite to Team Based Learning™: Developing Curriculum to Build Competence, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration.

Organizations face a challenge; formal, lecture-style delivery is an ineffective way to keep skills up-to-date and simple 'click-next' online learning is little better. Higher education understands the value of active learning, including 'the flipped classroom,' where learners take greater charge of their own learning. Most knowledge transfer takes place outside the classroom, and face to face time is used for applying knowledge to solve real-world problems. This presentation demonstrates 'flipping' the training room to show that learning done right is not trainer-centered, and how to use teams to support and drive deeper learning.

Team-Based Learning™ (TBL) is an evidence-based, collaborative learning and teaching strategy developed in the late 1970's by Larry Michaelsen. TBL provides active learning opportunities to apply course concepts to build understanding and competence. TBL is used extensively in higher and professional education and increasingly in public, non-profit, and corporate training. The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center has incorporated TBL to onboard its trainers, and in its certification series for new child welfare professionals, Foundations in Child Welfare Practice: Building Competence, Confidence, and Compassion. In this session we will present an overview of TBL using the TBL process.

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