Less Talk, More Walk - Creating a Culture of Ethics and Accountability
Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM: Breakout
One of the greatest challenges a leader faces is dealing with issues of ethics and accountability. How do you ensure the people you're leading demonstrate integrity on a daily basis? Do you practice it yourself? Do you model accountability throughout your organization in your interactions with others, operating practices, and personal work habits? Personal and organizational ethics are one of the easiest things to talk about, but hardest to walk.

The Center for Work Ethic Development works with over 500 organizations throughout the United States, and has interviewed more than 1,500 employers. This research confirms their number one need is to have trustworthy, accountable employees and leaders that live to the highest standard of integrity.

This highly interactive session will address ethics and accountability directly through a practical, proven methodology you can employ to build accountability throughout your organization. Using a collaborative and positive approach, participants will go through an experiential assessment and use the results to focus on how to get themselves, their team, and organization not just talking, but walking ethics and accountability. The workshop's content is driven by best practices, cutting-edge literature, and real-world experiences of leaders across the country. Don't miss this opportunity to transform yourself and your team from talkers to walkers.

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