Sunday, October 27th, 2019
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Workshops
Pecos 2
Session Title
Copyright Compliance for Online Courses
Are you aware of the strict and severe liability implications under U.S. Copyright Law for infringing online courses developed by faculty or staff? Under the law, institutions can be held economically liable even if they are not aware of the infringing activity. To complicate matters further, application of copyright law by faculty to online courses is frequently misunderstood.

This workshop provides a dual strategy solution for educational institutions to significantly reduce their copyright vulnerability. The first part will provide a coherent explanation of copyright law, including the TEACH Act, Fair Use and other provisions as they apply to the development of online courses. The second part will address institutional standards for copyright compliance through policy formation, implementation, training, assessment, and enforcement.
Learning Objectives
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Enrique Castellanos, Attorney, Universidad de Puerto Rico en Carolina
Legal Practice in Intellectual Property (1993-present). Specialized in Education and Technology. Representative clients: Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico, AT&T Wireless Puerto Rico, Kia Motors and Latin Media House Publications.

Adjunct Professor, Copyright in Cyberspace, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (1993-present). Invited Lecturer, Legal Aspects of IP in Cyberspace, Columbia University, University of Georgia, Emory University & Boston College.