Monday, October 28th, 2019
3:15 PM - 4:05 PM: Concurrent Sessions
Texas 6
Leading Quality Assurance
Session Title
Diversify Your Online Faculty Development Investment Portfolio
How do you allocate and invest your campus resources for online faculty development?
As institutions offer online programs in multiple formats and pedagogical approaches, one size may not fit all needs and a diversified portfolio might be needed.
Learning Objectives
Take a leadership role, make a decision and discover the consequences on an online program.
Identify external and internal factors that affect the management of online programs.
Evaluate benefits/risks of different approaches in program support.
Intended Participants - Role
QM Coordinators
Intended Participants - Knowledge Level
Participants with experience in the topic, but who are transitioning to greater responsibilities in this area
Dr. Enoch Park, QM / Online Learning Specialist, UNC Charlotte
Dr. Enoch Park is a leader in educational innovation who has been integrating emerging technologies and pedagogy to ensure quality instruction and access for better education. Enoch is currently overseeing UNC Charlotte’s Quality Matters program and serves as QM Program Reviewer, Master Reviewer, QM Workshop Facilitator, and QM Course Review Manager, and co-chair of the UNC System QM Council.

Dr. Heather McCullough, Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, UNC Charlotte
Heather McCullough is the Associate Director of Instructional Programs at the Center for Teaching and Learning. She leads the Instructional Programs staff and implements the major instructional programs, large scale instructional projects, and new initiatives offered by the Center.