Monday, October 28th, 2019
1:55 PM - 2:45 PM: Poster Session
Quality Assurance: Theory to Practice
Session Title
Quality Matters, but so Does Your Time!
Come share and discuss time-saving tips, tools and techniques to applying the QM Rubric to course development, redesign and course reviews.
Learning Objectives
Apply the QM Rubric while building and/or redesigning courses.
Plan a course review with time management in mind.
Identify time-saving tools for building and reviewing courses using QM principles.
Intended Participants - Role
Instructional Designers
Intended Participants - Knowledge Level
Participants with some experience in the topic, but looking to grow
Dr. Natasha Lindsey, Associate Professor & Instructional Consultant, University of North Alabama
Dr. Natasha Lindsey is an Associate Professor & Instructional Consultant in Educational Technology Services at the University of North Alabama. As an Instructional Consultant, she works with faculty to create and develop innovative teaching methods that harness sound pedagogical practices, theories, and instructional design processes. With 19 years of teaching experience she is well-versed in the online, hybrid, and traditional classroom.

Mr John McGee, Director, Educational Technology Services, University of North Alabama
As the director of ETS, John McGee is responsible for management of online course development, quality assurance, and end-user support of the university’s LMS.
He enjoys spending time with his wife, Jenn, his dog, Teddy, and his cat, Hyper(ion). They enjoy Americana, tourist traps, roadside attractions, and kitsch, although Teddy and Hyper have differing opinions of riding in the car.