Monday, October 28th, 2019
12:00 PM - 12:25 PM: Concurrent Sessions
Texas 3
Research/Tracking Quality Assurance
Session Title
Impact of QM Professional Development on Course Design and Student Evaluations
This session will focus on sharing the findings of a research study to track the impact of QM professional development on online course design and student evaluations.
Learning Objectives
Describe how QM professional development impacts course design
Explain how research can be done to find the impact of QM professional development.
Describe the impact QM professional development has on student evaluations.
Intended Participants - Role
Instructional Designers
Intended Participants - Knowledge Level
Participants with some experience in the topic, but looking to grow
Ginu Easow, Instructional Designer, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Ginu Easow is an Instructional Designer with the Office of eLearning at UNCW. She has earned master’s degrees in multiple disciplines-Social Work, Curriculum & Instruction and Learning Design Technology. She is QM coordinator at UNCW; a certified QM Peer Reviewer and QM online facilitator. Ginu is an active participant in the instructional design professional community and has had the privilege of presenting at the QM Regional East Conference.