Sunday, October 27th, 2019
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Workshops
San Antonio 5
Session Title
The ABCs of Quality Online Learning Research: Applied, Beneficial, Centered
After discussing recent findings, unique challenges and future opportunities, participants will be guided in applying the Quality Matters Research Toolkit and the Research Decision-Making Tree related to student retention and/or learning. Participants will work in small groups to create basic research plans for conducting Applied research that is Beneficial to all stakeholders and Centered on previous scholarly research.
Learning Objectives
Intended Participants - Role
Intended Participants - Knowledge Level
Dr. Bethany Simunich, Director, Online Pedagogy and Research, Kent State University
Bethany Simunich is the Director of Online Pedagogy & Research at Kent State University. Dr. Simunich has worked with QM for many years, including as a Master Reviewer, APPQMR & IYOC Facilitator, and Senior Research Colleague. Currently, she is co-State Lead for the QM Ohio Consortium, as well as a QMC and CRM for Kent. She creates and facilitates professional development for instructional designers and online instructors, and is a Facilitator for QM's ABCs of Online Learning Research workshop.