Tuesday, October 29th, 2019
10:10 AM - 10:35 AM: Concurrent Sessions
Texas 5
Leading Quality Assurance
Session Title
Adding the Student Perspective
Based on faculty recommendation, the Quality+ Program at Idaho State University incorporates a mini student review. Come learn about the process (and templates) and discuss ideas to improve student training in applying certain Standards.
Learning Objectives
Explore the creation of adding a student perspective to an internal quality assurance process.
Describe the impact of feedback from the student perspective.
Discuss ways to improve training students on certain Specific Review Standards.
Intended Participants - Role
QM Coordinators
Instructional Designers
Intended Participants - Knowledge Level
Participants with some experience in the topic, but looking to grow
Dr. Lisa Kidder, Quality+ Program Manager, Idaho State University
I have been involved with online education for almost 20 yrs. I have a background that includes a variety of teaching experiences in both K12 and higher education. I am constantly looking for ways to improve teaching and learning with technology.